Main Punta de Mita road down to Beach

Main Punta de Mita road down to Beach

Punta de Mita has many different options for shopping and services browsing or purchasing for visitors and villagers alike.   There are a variety of shops, restaurants, grocery stores, spas, and services on both sides of round-a-bout road that goes down to the variety of beaches in Punta de Mita. You will definitely find one that may tickle all your senses. To get to the seashore, you can easily walk or drive a golf cart the 300m from Punta de Mita’s only round-a-bout, OXXO store and our Suites de Mita.


Barbelas Restaurant has bilingual staff that can detail to their master gourmet chef details of your wants. Their grilled jumbo praws are to die for.

Want to watch live sports on big screens while dining lightly or full-course with choice cocktails? Then drop into Buffalo’s Sports Bar & Restaurant

Need a small snack or a special coffee, Boco Deli is in the Ollin Marketplace mall area.




There are numerous on the road down to the beach with the most recognizable one being the iconic OXXO store, that is next to Suites de Mita.


There are some funky shops on both sides of the street.





Want to get your groceries from a shop that you could swear was just like you’re at home?  Take a little walk and you won’t miss the big green sign for Ollin Market. You’ll be amazed at their selection of all the groceries that you’re accustomed to finding at home … all in a nicely air-conditioned store. Outside at night, the photo shows a typical wine and cheese tasting function within  the Ollin Marketplace mall area.


One of the many local grocery and produce stores is next to the OXXO store.

There are several modern shops & service units on the boardwalk.



You will find hairdressing, spa, yoga, chiropractor, and other services in several small shops on both sides of the boardwalk to the beach.

In the Ollin Marketplace, there are a number of services, such as, insurance, real estate, condo rental and other agencies.

Just around the corner from Ollin’s entrance, there are 2 ATM bank machines – one dispenses USD and the other Pesos.

Inside the iconic OXXO store, there is also another ATM machine that dispenses pesos.  And quite handy, the end of the line Puerto Vallarta – Punta Mita bus stop is just outside of the OXXO parking lot. Note – our Suites de Mita is located in the background center of the photo.