More Shops within 3 Minutes walk of Suites de Mita

More Shops within 3 Minutes walk of Suites de Mita

Our Suites de Mita building is in the cul-de-sac just left of the OXXO store at the Punta de Mita round-a-bout.


Need sun tan lotion or renew a prescription? Well, there is a pharmacy just 2 minutes walk from our Suites de Mita front door. There is also a gourmet ice cream shop next door with specialty ice cream cones, sundaes, smoothies and shakes. Fresh grilled whole chicken dinners or snacks are available at Pollo Feliz on the other side of the pharmacy.

Want a full BBQed Chicken meal throughout the day/night? Visit the Pollo Feliz take-out next to the flower boutique.


Want Fresh Flowers? Want them delivered?

It will be easy to pick flowers up because this cute boutique is next to Suites de Mita.

Want meats? A village butcher and grocery shop is next to the pink restaurant. Laundry? The village family-run laundry is near by this store.





Street vendors? Four or more great tasting and budget-minded food vendors surround the Puerto Vallarta bus stop in front of OXXO, next door to our Suites de Mita. My favorite street vendor treat is from the fish stand to the right of OXXO where a large fresh prawn burrito goes for just 100 pesos.


Want a pizza delivered right  to your suite? Contact Nicole & Delfina @ 329 291 6471.


Want a 3-course authentic Mexican meal for a set price of 150 pesos? Visit El Sueno.  and has a vegetarian option. Their hours are limited however, from  11AM to 8PM. It is just beyond the end of our street.

El Sueño – Comedor Mexicano, Mexican Comfort Food is a brand new restaurant that is conveniently located just around the corner from Suites de Mita.  I call it the pink restaurant. This quaint little dining room provides a delicious 3-course meal (vegetarian options available) for a very, very reasonable price. e highly recommend that you visit El Sueño for a varying authentic mexican lunch or dinner. Their 5 or  item menu changes every day. But, be sure to get there early as they like to enjoy their evenings with their families. Their kitchen is open from 11:00am to 8:00pm.


Want a great tasting taco? This taco restaurant/bar is at the end of our street, a two-minute walk away. Or are you budget-minded? then, walk 4 minutes down the main highway (just past & across the highway from the new Punta de Mita Hospital), and Patti’s Taco Stand will serve your made-to-order taco for only 15 pesos each!